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Need for Speed UnderCover

Need for speed sk
Need for Speed pro street
Diablo III - CZE fansite
Fan stránka Need for Speed Carbon
Playstation 3








Need for Speed
PC, PS3,

Koupit hru

Need for Speed
339,- Kč

koupit hru

Need for Speed
Underground 2
PC - CD-rom
342,- Kč

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Oficiální stránky hry a EA


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  - Relácia SLovenčiny.Live v 2. diely
- Kompletní hra zdarma ke stažení
- Nové zaujímavosti o prekladoch
- Nová hra Pure od Disney Interactive
- Návod Ako prekladať počítačové hry
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  In EU wait
  Intro of game
Want you see something right from game? We have a intro video below wheres starting cast text, and launch to mission such similiar like in Most Wanted. Do you think that, too?

Posted: Admin  -  Source:

  Special content for Collector's edition for PS3
Everybody knows that some console developers buy a exclusivity or some features for distribution a special content to game. For example just was presented a list of special content to PS3 for purchase. You may purchase full collector's edition. Nest news are some new cars in game and new features. About car, for example Porsche Cayman or Koeniggsigg CCX
List of packages below:
- NFS: Undercover Aftermarket Body Kit Package for price 2.00 USD
- NFS: U Aftermarket Hood, Spoilders and Exhaust Package za cenu 2.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Aftermarket Wheels Package for price 2.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Collector's Edition Upgrade for price 10.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Exotic Car Bundle for price 7.50 USD
- NFS: Undercover Muscle Car Bundle for price 5.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Paint and Vinyls Package for price 2.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Pro Handling Bundle for price 2.75 USD
- NFS: Undercover Pro Power Bundle for price 3.75 USD
- NFS: Undercover Race Handling Bundle for price 2.25 USD
- NFS: Undercover Race Power Bundle for price 3.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Street Handling Bundle for price 1.75 USD
- NFS: Undercover Street Power Bundle for price 2.25 USD
- NFS: Undercover Tuner Car Bundle for price 5.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Ultimate Performance Bundle for price 10.00 USD
- NFS: Undercover Ultimate Visual Bundle for price 5.00 USD
Posted: Admin  -  Source: ausland internet, various sources

  Video from Wii version
 Wii is not so popular in SLovakia and Czech republic like in USA or Asia, but we have some groups, which belong to that small community and they will happy sure to see first video from Wii version game.

Posted: Admin  -  Source:

  That secret car was Shelby Mustang GT500
FORD MUSTANG GT500 That secret vehisle is new horse from Ford Stable - SHELBY MUSTANG GT500. Ououou... great vehicle, I sure want one in my garage, but price is more than 2 milions CZK. Ok, and what e have a new? Maybe I can ote, that we add a platform sections to website menu, or we are consulting a cooperations projects with biggest slovakian website with slovakian translations to games - Slovenciny.Com and some condition about new features of game theme to this website. You can sure find here some Windows Themes or new Mobile themes, too.
Posted: Admin  -  Source:, vy

  One joke from EA?
So, can you inspect, what car is this? I can tell only a small details. Cars will have a premiere in NFS and it's total new model of vehicle of that such producer ever. You already know?
Posted: Admin  -  Source:

  Carlot Update
We are creating a new section in website named like CARLOT.  We have Carlist, which is a list of cars, but I want to create some section with graphic for every car like a oficial website have.

Posted: Admin  -  Source: oficial website

  News Screenshots - october 2008
Today we have a news screenshots orientated a little bit to the previous theme - police.  Maybe is a police theme very often last time, but game have sure a better parts then police chasing. For example Highway battles and crew, or tuning. Everywhere on NFS websites I have seen only police info. Yes, I know. POlice is very important... but I want any next info... Look at screenshots..  greatful graphic.. But look on video below. Greatful gameplay.

Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover

Posted: Admin  -  Source: Kontaku, Google, CVG

  Chasing car in game video
Video right from game, where you are chased by police, you collect a money points. Who today do not want to collect money. Everybody wants money :-). In the second part of video you can see another part of law. You are policeman and you can chasing a robbies and road pirates. Police missions have seems no very difficult and it's very good idea. Next video belong to that better videos here, so please see more... 

Posted: Admin  -  source:

  Games Convention 2008 Asia Singapure
In Singapure was a sister of famous GC2008 in Leipzig. Asian cannot missing in presentation of news in world of technologies, games, and console. For this reason we have a this next conference and some new details from there, too. on for you sure famous website NFSunlimited you can find a short preview about own visit on this conference. A slovakian translation of this article is right  here.
Posted by: Admin  -  source:

  No demo for NFS Undercover?
Maby ethis is that worst message ever in this month. NFS Undercover with high sure will not have a demoversion. This information was from some people right from EA, and every better fansite talks about it. The reason is a idea to create better game and concentrate full powers to final product. And what wil we do now?  No demo? eHorrible!
Posted by: Admin  -  source:

  Gameplay videá v lepší kvalitě
Gameplay videos in beter guality. We have a four videos right from game, where you can see a real gameplay. POlice hunting and that famous and rumored Highway battle. All in menu section Gameplay videos. This section will be actualised and this updates will be not noted in front page, so be ware and see there...
Posted by: Admin  -  source:

  New video trailer G-Mac
We find a new video trailer for Need for speed Undercover named G-Mac. Maybe arrested one of crew tells...  Classic hrrible cam. More in the video trailers section.
Posted by: Admin  -  source:

  New screenshots and oficial website update
The official website was updated. A new information about crew, conret a comissar Keller and more others. By the way, we have three beautiful screenes which unhide us more from gamedetails, run out from police patrol. Nice. What do you think? Graphic look is really perfect, and as you see in videos, real game is that same. Problem will be maybe only in a graphic cards :-)

Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover

Posted by: Admin  -  source: own

  English version has started
Need for speed UndercoverSince today you can find our english version of websited here. All news, and by time a all section translated, too. We are preparing a english version for various visitors from Slovenija, Belgie, Asian countries, South America and others country. We thanks for your visits. Thanks all fun and visitors.
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own

  How is it about news?
need for speed undercover screenWe just want you to know, that is not web, where you can find everynews on main site. Some of news and actualizations, we automaticly put in their own sections, and we just let you know about them in short message on first site. The english version of web is in reconstruction. Two parts of undercover websites are already on web of concurents. we hope the idea, to have also english version will be original. Btw lots of news is preperanig for you!! we are not getting lazy :-)).
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own

  Little preview of games

Need for speed UndercoverAs every year as this one, on games convention in lipsku, couldnt miss new part of popular seasons need for speed. At beginning is very important to tell, that there is not some basic progress forward, althought new part took many good things from older parts. About story we just know that spy girl chase linh (maggie Q) will hire you, or will make you race in illegal racing.. on which... more you can read in article...

Posted by: Bursoft  -  Source: own

  Gameplay movies
Running away from policemen – as Jan Fajbis told me, is not forbiden in games markes for NFS. People with camera are warned about it, but people who has mobiles there, is much more. Somethings security cant hold in secret, so it is how we got some of these movies. For example like this video, “fleeing from policemen”, on the movie you can see, that car can get broken. Very good graphics and sighseeing also :-).. omg, it tease me to play it!:-)) Car desk has blue colour, nice design, very good playing and traffic, which go byself withouth mistakes, the cars are trying to get away when you try to crash them.
More videos in Videosection

Posted by: Admin  -  Source: youtube


COVERS NFSUCInstead of it that were made final versions of undercovers for game, i would like to notice for one new competition. If you re-order your NFS Undercover, you will be interested in more information about competition.
- for slovak customers - link
- for czech customers - link
Good luck...

Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own, eshop

  Interview on Slovenciny.Com
need for speed undercover screenSServer has also this time on GC 2008 own redactor. He reached for awhile Scott, he confess him little bit:-))) Now we know more about autentics, and also there could be Drift. Maybe Scott explained us to complicated what will be there, but he let us sure that we understood right:-)) btw NFS withouth drift ... it is imposible. INTERVIEW .The website havent actualizated for long time for not right service provider of hosting. In this problem helped us company which helped us also with any others problems.
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: Slovenciny.Com

  English version of website
I would like to inform all visitors from whole world, which arrives here, that we are working on english verion of this website. This website will be available soon as possible. We are looking for good translators. Actual language of website is czech, and more text is in slovak language. Stay tuned. We are preparing english version for great popularity of websites from not SK-CZ speaking people.
Posted: Admin  -  Source: own

  New screenshoty
Need for speed UndercoverClosely before begin of exposition GC 2008 in Leipzig, these screenshots was discovered, which shows ingame picture, (on the side). You are able to see it is on high lever of graphic, and gamers will love it. Of course the game will be made also for PC, unless the hardware will need upgrade.

 Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover

Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own, CQE

  The second video of the game
The latest trailer of Need for speed , is more official, and they dont hide that trailer for Need for speed undercover, as a first tease. They dont show too much, just on the end short scetch of police cars aresting a traffic pirat. Cornel Keller, explain most of the trailer. Character of video gives me reason to believe the next video will be soon here. I doubt that EA will come out with that trailer and nothing more. Game audiences are waiting for Cars, Engines, Road dust sliding the tires, tunned machines and adrenalin which goes out of little movie on your screen. Such trailer are gamers waiting and they should get it.

Posted by: Admin  -  Source:  internet

  First more official latest report
Latest report came from and they officiali inform what is the latest NFS about. The many sites are trying hide that, and show it like they own exclusive discover. The report says:
We would like to introduce you with new title of NFS undercover, The edition is planed before Christmas starts. The main star of the game is face of Maggie Q, Characters of high budgetary action sequences of original story, which start with really fast and crazy temp, immediately when you sit by the driving wheel. Need for speed from edition EA will give all series back to original of game and will bring dangeroues racing with policemen, full of exciting cars..

 Need for speed Undercover Need for speed Undercover

What are feeling of this report and what is possible to predict? Lot of our predictions came true. The main story will be arounding about Maggie Q, for many till now just model withouth name. The certainly of this game are really good machines and fleeing with policemen. I told in previous issue of Pro street, that next version of NFS will have policmen :-))

Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own, CQE

  Trailer of NFS UC, what is asured?
If it is true all about what we are writing down, the truth has much more facts. To the game was invested a lot of money, time and precision. The trailer you can very easy confuse with a film movie, so it was for sure as complicated by programmer as by personalist and artist site. For these reason moreless faces of cheaper actors, altought Tom hanks dont fit with NFS and he asked for milions. Christina Milian might be not girl of NFS this time, like we predicted. Girls will be ther much more like we could see in trailer, unless three important roles. The game will have a story and game will be built on it. If the trailer is really of NFS we might be really looking forward!
Need for speed undercover video Need for speed undercover video Need for speed undercover video Need for speed undercover video Need for speed undercover video Need for speed undercover video
Posted by: Admin  -  Source:  vlastné

  Video trailer new NFS?.
On the internet – exactly on Slovenciny.Com was discovered video, which is trailer for new prepared project which is for sure not film but it is the PC game :-) . On the is not any mention about film with title, which road to take. Lots of indications, tell us that it have to be new NFS but from EA is nothing accepted. Same like Rockstargame, is trying to hold fans in exciting with GTA IV , so now the EA keeps fans in exciting with informations and indications :-) Trailer shows Christina Milian, girl about whom we had long article on our site, many ingames, graphics atmosphere let you know, that it might not be just the film but for it can be just one.. Undercover...
Posted by: Admin  -  Source:  Slovenčiny.Com, internet

  How will looks the logo ?
Logo of game has till now very simple and nice form. Criticism should go on side, logo is good enough. You can catch it on acounting on edition of game. Till now are still not sure when edition will be in markets. Btw the pic on the side is also the first screen shot, we are waiting for official reports.
Posted by: Admin  -  Source:  internet

  What could you see on E3 2008 Los angeles ?
This year you could see really intresting things on E3. About Need for speed we know just what is in previues news. The new NFS wasnt on E3 introduced. But we know new logo of new edition which is not very different of our logo:-)
On E3 had server his own Redactor straight in hall, so he brought really interesting stories, the way to E3 and experiences, and many adventures from exposition. More...
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own,

  UnderCover and E3
Like the Admin of sites informed about his visiting in EA czech, nothing more he didnt find out about NFS UC. But what is certain of the article is that new edition of NFS UC is in preparing, but maybe will be not in the markets in 2008. The speech of boss of EA surprised game audiences as much as staff of EA company, because it was very secret thing about NFS UC. So they are calculating the date of E3 exposition, so they can tease us more :-) Our opinion is that at finaly, they prepare something about NFS UC and they will inform about it in their own stall(or their own hall) on E3 exposition, and maybe show us some video trailer of NFS UC. The plan of Blizzard, produce gigabites informations (diablo 3) before the exposition E3, in case of EA will be not the same like blizzard do. Altought we would welcome it. After expositions, will also little time for rest, so the new informations will people accept different. They hope people want be full of excitiment of news but they hope they will have a plce for Undercover by itself. :-)
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own,

  The world in undercover!
I dont doubt you all will remind me that i m coming back to the topic about facts about the game :-) nowhere is sure nothing, but the game will have story about courier. What we can expect of it:

More open world
lots of quests, where you have to departure something from point X to point A and so on
fast thinking and quick decisions, sense for news
large scale of locations,
In open world the buildings and roads wont be the same, I hope
Necessity to get off from the road rivals
jobs against the law, co- operate with criminals
Where are fast engines, and hot girls
Where are fast engines and where is NFS, there have to be tunning:-)
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own

  Čeština ve hře
Čeština ve hřePokud se práte, jestli bude EA pokračovat v trendu lokalizací série NFS, tak můžeme s určitostí jen souhlasit, že i v tomto případě to tak bude. EA pracuje na oficiálních lokalizacích u většiny her. Úspěch, který se od nového dílu slibuje, je přitom důvod, proč si na českém překladu dát záležet. Kompletní česká lokalizace, anglický dabing. Čeština na výběr při instalaci. Jinak to ani nejde!
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own

  What is new?
Actually will be the season, where we will know more informations on EA3 exposition. Before it there will be for sure not very important reports or informations about new NFS UC. E3 will bring amount of unbelievable informations. I doubt, that EA wont be inform E3 about new NFS. We will get some screenshot for sure and if not, so very soon after the exposition. Or maybe on the last day? Of course something new will be on horizont we will let you all know.
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own

  Why the short cut NFS UC?
We got already many questions, about short cut of the game. We know the name will be undercover. Normally the short cut would be NFSU, but it is very simliar to old edition Need for speed underground and many people could get confused. This is reason why we are using the short cut NFS UC. Other sites get used to writing it also like NFS UC and i hope we wont be just one site which will keep it:-) EA has many plans about the game look, when they gave her such a title, they want suprise us, with very dark and interesting suprise.. elegant dark suprise... we will see what the time bring us.
Posted by: Admin  -  Source: own




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